What Does Your Family Doctor Do for You?

Do you want a family doctor who will sit down and thoroughly discuss your health, without rushing you out the door?

Perhaps you’re looking for a doctor who listens rather than interrupts and doesn’t assume you don’t know what’s going on?

What about a doctor who investigates your health problems rather than one who is quick to refer you to an expensive specialist after just a few questions?

Do you want a physician who gets to know you and your family so they can help you solve problems today and prevent issues for tomorrow?

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Do you see your family doctor regularly? If not, here’s how a family doctor can help get you healthier and make your life easier.

Put simply, a family doctor is a “one-stop shop” for all your family’s medical care.

In other words, your family doctor is (or at least should be) responsible for overseeing all your medical care. At times, your family doctor might suggest that you see a specialist. When this happens, you want a family doctor to work with you to identify which specialist to see. Then, they should coordinate your care with that specialist.

Some conditions definitely require care from a specialist. However, far too many people are referred out to other doctors for something that could be handled by a family doctor.

Many patients end up with multiple doctors. It’s like having too many “cooks in the kitchen. The result is decentralized and disorganized care. It’s far too easy for medical professionals to miss things when no one really knows you and your family.

Consider a sports team like the Dallas Cowboys. Individual players possess incredible skill and talent for their specific role. The quarterback works with this team of specialists to make great plays. It works because each player is being leveraged for their specific value to the whole of the team.

But what if quarterback wasn’t invited to many of the games? Can you imagine the disorganization of a team that doesn’t have the glue that brings it all together?

Your family doctor isn’t supposed to be a specialist, like a rheumatologist, an oncologist, or an ophthalmologist. The specialists are extremely expensive, and they work with people to overcome specific health problems. Your family doctor is meant to be by your side for life.

This means your family doctor gets to know you.

Specialists might miss something because they’re focused on a narrow portion of your health (they’re supposed to!). By keeping your family doctor regularly involved, they can be on the look for problems that only a doctor who knows you might notice.

It also means that those who see a family doctor receive “more timely care, better preventive care … improved costs, and lower mortality,” all while avoiding unnecessary care (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality).

And better, more consistent care can help you live a healthier, longer life. With a great family doctor, you get someone who can manage all aspects of your family’s medical care for your entire life.

In large part, this increased quality of care comes from the immense power of the doctor-patient relationship. While a specialist is unlikely to know you and your family—other than by some numbers and words on a chart—your family doctor takes the time to get to know you.

Practically, this means that your family doctor can better identify the real cause of what’s ailing you. We’ve seen many patients come to us after visiting other doctors who thought their problem was physical—just to discover than an emotional burden was disrupting their body’s normal functioning. It’s by taking the time to get to know you and your family that a family doctor can provide the care you need—not the care the medical system thinks you need.

What kind of care does a family doctor provide?

You might think of a family doctor as just providing regular check-ups and helping with minor problems. But they can help with so much more.

Your family doctor can help you recover from acute conditions.

If you’re facing insomnia that’s disrupting your life, your family doctor can work with you to identify the underlying cause of the insomnia. Then, they’ll offer you treatment options and see your treatment through until the issue is resolved.

Your family doctor can help you overcome even severe chronic problems.

Imagine a patient with Parkinson’s Disease. That patient may see a Physical Therapist and/or a Neurologist, but their family doctor can help them determine the proper courses of treatment, as well as monitor their medications and ensure the individual receives the proper care for their condition.

Your family doctor helps you prevent future health problems, saving you time and money in the long run.

Because your family doctor will often see you for your entire life, they often focus on providing excellent preventative care. Unlike a specialist—who only sees you when something goes wrong—your family doctor is responsible for your overall health, and that means helping you stop problems in their tracks before they even arise.

Family doctors are the “end of the line” in many people’s care, so they are responsible for “figuring out” the solution to people’s medical problems. As the American Association of Family Physicians notes, family doctors “provide the majority of care for America’s underserved rural and urban populations.”

The buck stops with your family doctor, which means they have a wide base of knowledge to handle whatever medical situations arise.

Listening and Understanding Are the Core of Our Family Practice

Average Number of Seconds Before the Doctor Interrupts You

According to studies, less than a quarter of all patients get to say everything they want to say during a visit with their doctor. Even worse, they generally only talk less than 20 seconds before being interrupted by their doctor.

Not only is that a miserable experience for you, the patient, but it also prevents these doctors from doing their job in helping you get healthier.

You know your body, and no amount of medical training is enough for doctors to provide excellent care without listening to you and what your body has been experiencing.

That’s why we commit at least 30 minutes for every appointment—so that we can listen to you and your concerns.

But it’s about more than listening—it’s about understanding.

Many patients come to us experiencing symptoms, but completely uncertain of what’s causing those symptoms. It’s our job to uncover the real cause of your health problems, and that means understanding everything about your health problems.

One way we do this is by asking targeted questions about your health that can help us truly understand you. Many doctors stop at “When did you start feeling this way?”, but we know that we need to dig to find the root cause.

Fort Worth Doctor John Staniland Now Accepting New Patients

We are now accepting new patients for our family practice. If you’re interested in getting better care for you and your family from someone who truly listens to you—fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you.

We deeply care about providing our patients with the best care we possibly can—most of our staff have been with the practice for more than two decades, and they pride themselves on ensuring everyone who enters our doors gets what they need to feel better.

What Our Patients Say (through anonymous surveys)

If you’re wondering whether we’re the real deal, here’s what our patients have to say about Finding the Root Cause and Dr. Staniland (all statements obtained anonymously through patient surveys):

Dr. Staniland is an excellent, caring doctor. He has been my primary care doctor for 20 years.
Dr. Staniland and his entire staff have always provided the best possible care for me. From the moment you call to schedule an appointment, you feel a genuine interest in your health and wellness.
Best doctor I’ve ever had. He and his staff are excellent.
I have much confidence in Dr. Staniland and I feel that his care for me has extended my good health. The references to other specialists has been so beneficial to me.
Dr. Staniland is the perfect type of caregiver for me. Very caring and interested in getting to the bottom of every problem.
Hear from more of Dr. Staniland's patients
“Great doctor, probably the most knowledgeable and caring I’ve ever had. He has truly made a difference in my health.”

“Dr. Staniland is an exceptional doctor. He takes as much time as is needed to make sure he identifies the problems and prescribes the medications or procedures necessary to get you well.”

“Great team work, best custom service I have encountered. Friendly and caring, goes that extra mile to solve any problems that may arise.”

“I love my doctor and all the staff that he has in his office. He is always able to pinpoint my problems. Very compassionate and thorough.”

“I like that Dr Staniland considers our doctor/patient relationship a partnership in my medical care.”

“Always very attentive to my needs and concerns about my physical condition. They always follow up on questions I have, even if it’s by phone.”

“Dr. Staniland spent a lot of time with me, and I felt like all of my concerns were addressed.”

“I’m always confident with all information Dr. Staniland provides me. He is patient with me, and I appreciate this quality.”

“He really makes an effort to make sure I understand the medications, their purpose, and their potential side effects.”

“Dr. Staniland is an exceptional doctor. He keeps up with new treatments and procedures and is always looking to increase his knowledge to better treat his patients.”

“The entire staff works exceptionally well to make your visit from start to finish a pleasant experience.”

“Dr. Staniland has provided me with excellent personal care and greatly improved quality of life. Good man, great doctor.”

“I recommend Dr. Staniland to everyone I know. He is an amazing doctor and his staff is wonderful as well.”

“Dr. Staniland calls me into his office within minutes of my arrival. I am not kept waiting. He has a smooth running office.”

“All of my interactions in the office were positive. There was not much wait time in the registration area. I felt very comfortable there.”

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