Are you suffering from seasonal allergies? Do you have the case of the sniffles or an annoying cough that won’t go away? Try Low Dose Allergy Therapy (LDA)!

To understand what LDA is, it’s important to know how allergies work.

What Are Allergies, Anyways?

Allergies are one of the most common chronic conditions in the world! Allergy symptoms range from making you miserable to putting you at risk for life-threatening reactions.

Allergies happen when the body recognizes harmless substances like pollen, dust, food, chemicals, etc. as threatening. The body attempts to fight off and eliminate these substances, even though they are not really a problem. This is where your sniffles, runny nose, cough and other annoying allergy symptoms come in to play.

Allergy Relief Without Daily Medications

The good news is, you can train your immune system to ignore these harmless triggers. No more faulty defense responses means you’ll feel better and ditch your allergy symptoms!

Whether your allergies are severe or simply an annoyance, LDA may provide you with much needed relief. Many patients experience relief after their first treatment!

What Is Low Dose Allergy Therapy?

Low Dose Allergy Therapy enhances and teaches your immune system to ignore harmless substances (allergens). LDA can work wonders on both environmental allergens (like dust) and internal allergens (like food).

LDA consists of extremely low does injections that work to restore your natural active immune tolerance to specific environmental allergens. These low dose injections contain broad-based mixtures of common allergens made active by a natural substance built by the human body known as glucuronidase.

How Does LDA Therapy Help Reduce Allergy Symptoms?

Following the treatment of LDA therapy, there is an increase in T cells (the helpers). Helper T cells help regulate the immune system to not fight off foreign substances. The helpers control the immune system, keep the immune system tolerant, and prevent autoimmune diseases from developing.

The helpers address unnecessary responses to the foreign substances, which then “shuts off” the allergic reaction from taking place. The original T Cells were not doing that, but with the LDA treatment the reaction does not take long to appear.

The helpers and the glucuronidase in the dose team up and help with this function. The glucuronidase increase the effectiveness of the tiny amount of foreign substances (allergens) contained in the LDA formula. Therefore, you have safe, small amounts of allergens that retrain your immune system to not have a reaction!

The Treatment

  • LDA injections are injected in the forearm. They are very small! 
  • On average, patients receive one to two doses per treatment. 
  • LDA injections are initially administered with a two-month gap between appointments.
  • As you progress with the treatments, time is extended between injection appointments until they are down to only once a year.
  • In some cases, patients have even been able to stop treatment for longer periods of time (yes, longer than once a year!) without their allergy symptoms returning.
  • After 16 to 18 months of injections, most patients can go extended periods of time between injections, or stop injections altogether!
  • For severe food allergies, 6 to 12 doses for 1 to 2 years of treatment may be necessary before results are noticeable.
  • Over 60% of patients note a significant, positive response with their first treatment. 

LDA is a safe and effective procedure for relief of immune reactions to allergens including:

  • Pet Dander
  • Dust
  • Dust Mites
  • Insect Bites
  • Pollen
  • Hay Fever
  • Mold
  • Food
  • Chemicals
  • Medicines

Don’t let allergies control your life! If you’re suffering from any allergen that is making you feel miserable day in and day out, LDA therapy is for you. Many allergies can be resolved by this simple treatment.

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