What Is Frequency-Specific Microcurrent?

In order for your eyes to heal, they need nutrients added and toxicities removed. But you can’t do that properly until the blood vessels in your eye are restored to their younger, healthier state.

The best way to restore your blood vessels—and restore your vision in turn—is through frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM).

FSM is a low-risk, non-invasive, and incredibly effective treatment that works to significantly improve vision in patients with macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and more.

Current is delivered by using sliver meshed gloves that are wrapped in a damp washcloth. This delivery system
has demonstrated to deliver a consistent microcurrent energy into the eye.

Unlike a TENS machine, FSM devices deliver current in millionths of an ampere, which is the level of naturally flowing electrical current in the body. Delivering electrical current at that level is in complete sync and harmony of all physiological processes within the body.

When you enroll in my Kondrot program, you are going to get your own personal FSM device (pictured above). These devices are small, and at-home treatment is simple and completely painless. They must be programmed by a trained doctor. You’ll get personalized device programming from me during the program.Why does FSM work?

Why does FSM work?

Quantum physics teaches us that everything, including every organ in your body, vibrates imperceptibly at its own unique frequency. For example, the macula, the tissue at the center of your retina, vibrates at 137 Hz in a healthy retina. A diseased macula, as in someone with macular degeneration, does not vibrate at 137 Hz.

When we apply a small FSM device, we can program it to vibrate at a frequency of 137 Hz. Like two tuning forks held close together, the device and eye work to sync up at that healthy frequency.That’s not all, though.

That’s not all, though. Once we stop the FSM device, the macula won’t continue to vibrate at 137 Hz much longer. In other words, we treat the symptom but not the underlying cause.That’s why an FSM regimen has a pair of frequencies, one meant to

That’s why an FSM regimen has a pair of frequencies, one meant to address the health of the eye and another meant to address the underlying cause. For instance, inflammation is a common underlying cause of retinal diseases, and inflammation is halted immediately by a 40 Hz frequency.

Because it allows us to target both the underlying disease and the health of the tissue in an organ like the eye, FSM is a linchpin of my eye program.

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