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Explore a unique approach to healthcare with Dr. Staniland in Fort Worth, focusing on uncovering and treating the root causes of health issues.
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Discovering Health’s Root Causes in Fort Worth

Finding the root cause of a health issue is akin to detective work—it requires keen observation, thorough analysis, and a holistic view of the individual. At Finding the Root Cause in Fort Worth, Texas, this philosophy drives our approach to healthcare.

Led by Dr. John Staniland, a dedicated family physician, our practice is committed not just to treating symptoms, but to uncovering and addressing the underlying issues affecting your health.

The Journey to Discovery

The quest to find the root cause begins with a comprehensive conversation. Dr. Staniland, with his engineering background, applies a meticulous approach to understanding the well-oiled machine that is the human body.

By spending a significant amount of time discussing your health concerns, fears, and aspirations, we assure that every aspect of your health history is considered in our diagnosis and treatment planning.

Our Approach

At Finding the Root Cause, we’ve developed a distinctive four-step approach to healthcare — a process rooted in conversation, comprehensive testing, personalized therapies, and fostering healthy lifestyles. By engaging in these areas, we strive towards one common goal: your optimal health

1) Talking

The cornerstone of our practice is communication. When you walk through our doors, the first step is an in-depth conversation with Dr. Staniland. Like an experienced engineer turning over every component, questioning every function, he delves deep into your health concerns, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

2) Testing

We place a strong emphasis on testing, believing that traditional lab work only scratches the surface. With the right tests, often-overlooked issues can be identified, providing clarity on what’s affecting your health. Our approach is detailed and expansive, seeking those hidden markers that traditional methods might miss.

3) Applying Therapies

Informed by our conversations and test results, we design a unique treatment plan tailored to you. Combining traditional and alternative therapies, our goal is to find solutions that enhance your well-being. We’re committed to exploring every avenue to improve your life.

4) Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles

Finally, we focus on sustainable health through lifestyle changes. We view our relationship with patients as a partnership, working together to establish routines that foster ongoing wellness. Our practice strives for a future where visits are for routine or focused care, reflecting a life lived in optimal health.

Comprehensive Services

Family Medicine

At the core of our services in Fort Worth, Family Medicine aims to cultivate a foundation of wellness that transcends the need for acute care. Through a proactive focus on preventive care, we are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a lifestyle conducive to long-term health. By centering our efforts on prevention, we work tirelessly to ensure our patients enjoy a superior quality of life, where routine check-ups maintain their well-being rather than frequent interventions due to illness.

Learn More About Family Medicine

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Functional Medicine

The Functional Medicine service we provide goes beyond the symptomatic treatment of illness, providing a deep dive into your personal health story. Our practice embodies the patient-centered approach, with the firm belief that understanding the intricacies of your body’s functioning is the key to unlocking the secrets of disease. We commit ourselves to discover the root causes of ailments and explore avenues tailored to restore your body’s innate functioning and health.

Learn More About Functional Medicine

Low-Dose Allergens (LDA)

With Low-Dose Allergens (LDA) therapy, a pioneering treatment devised by Dr. Schrader, we offer hope to those suffering from chronic allergic reactions. This series of treatments is specifically formulated to combat an array of allergens, including those from dust, pollen, mold, food, and chemicals. It also extends its efficacy to perennial hay fever, asthma, and a spectrum of related health challenges, marking a breakthrough in allergy management and patient care.

Learn More About Low-Dose Allergens

Each service we offer is a testament to our dedication to your health and our commitment to the ideals of comprehensive, individualized patient care. Whether you’re seeking preventive medicine to maintain your family’s health, innovative treatments for chronic conditions, or a detoxifying boost to clear your system, our tailored services are your gateway to a healthier life.

A Commitment Beyond Symptoms

At Finding the Root Cause, we believe every individual deserves a unique, personalized approach to healthcare. Dr. Staniland’s diverse background, from engineering helicopters to practicing family medicine, underscores a dedication to precision, analysis, and compassion. Whether it’s preventive care, functional medicine, or innovative treatments like low-dose allergen therapy, our Fort Worth office stands ready to welcome you.

For those weary of the traditional path through the healthcare system, finding little relief or understanding, Finding the Root Cause offers a good alternative. By focusing on the individual, Dr. Staniland and his team embody a healthcare experience driven by a passion for finding answers and improving lives.

Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult with a healthcare provider before making any changes to your diet, exercise routine, or lifestyle.

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Dr. John Staniland

Dr. John Staniland went to medical school at the University of Calgary in 1991, completing a residency in Family Medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1993. Dr. Staniland worked as a traveling doctor for the Alberta Medical Association, relieving doctors in rural locations who couldn’t find anyone willing to give them some time off.

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