Your Guide to Lifestyle Changes for Optimal Health

Get a personalized approach to wellness at Finding the Root Cause. Explore functional medicine, and lifestyle changes for optimal health, and transform your health journey.
Healthy eating for an optimal health

Obtaining Optimal Health

In a world filled with one-size-fits-all solutions, your pursuit of optimal health deserves personalized attention and care. This is where functional medicine and our team at Finding the Root Cause come in.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, we at Finding the Root Cause offer an individualized approach to healthcare that tunes into your unique lifestyle and makes you an active participant in your wellness journey.

We believe wholeheartedly in the importance of lifestyle modifications to achieve optimal health, and we are excited to share our approach with you.

What Is Functional Medicine?

We see functional medicine as a personalized, patient-centric approach to healthcare that focuses on understanding your unique physiology, genetics, and environment, rather than just treating symptoms.

Our key principles involve treating you and not just your disease, looking at the complex, chronic disease systems, integrating traditional and innovative scientific research, and promoting health as more than just the absence of disease.

Simply put, at Finding the Root Cause, we follow a holistic and preventive approach that adapts to your individual needs.

Lifestyle Recommendations for Optimal Health


We believe that a balanced, nutrient-rich diet serves as the foundation of good health, fuelling your body for optimal functioning and disease prevention.

Our dietary recommendations focus on promoting whole, unprocessed foods, minimizing intake of processed foods and animal fats, and incorporating anti-inflammatory food items that are packed with nutrients.

Exercise and Movement

Regular physical activity is a non-negotiable aspect of overall health as it aids cardiovascular fitness, metabolic functions, and cognitive abilities.

We endorse a variety of exercises in your routine, including aerobic exercises, strength training, and flexibility exercises to cover all areas of physical fitness.

seniors exercise fitness with stretching band

Sleep and Stress Management

Quality of sleep and stress levels are vital to your overall health, influencing mood, energy levels, and susceptibility to diseases.

Our team helps you improve sleep quality and manage stress levels by establishing a healthy bedtime routine, offering relaxation techniques, and suggesting modifications for a sleep-friendly environment.

Environmental Factors

Your health can be influenced by environmental factors, such as pollutants and toxins present in your surroundings.

We provide practical advice to reduce your exposure to toxins, such as using air and water filters, and transitioning to natural, chemical-free products for a healthier living environment.

Mind-Body Connection

We acknowledge the interplay between physical and mental health – understanding that emotional distress can manifest as physical disease.

Therefore, we encourage practices like meditation, mindfulness exercises, expressive therapies, and nurturing activities that promote emotional well-being alongside physical health.

The Benefits of Improving Your Lifestyle

Making the commitment to improve your lifestyle can have countless benefits for your health, both physically and mentally. At Finding the Root Cause, we strongly advocate for positive lifestyle modifications that could transform your health journey. Here are some of the key benefits:

Enhanced Physical Health

A nutritious, balanced diet teamed with regular exercise contributes not only to weight management, but also improves cardiovascular health, enhances immunity, and promotes efficient metabolic functions. Additionally, it increases energy levels and helps in disease prevention.

Boosted Mental Well-being

The mind-body connection is powerful, and prioritizing lifestyle improvements can substantially boost mental well-being. Regular physical activity aids in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, while balanced nutrition supports optimal brain function. Practices such as meditation and mindfulness can further enhance mental health.

Improved Sleep Quality

Implementing a regular sleep schedule, creating a calm sleeping environment, and reducing screen time before bed can greatly enhance sleep quality. Good sleep is a cornerstone of health, contributing to improved attention, emotional regulation, and overall mood.

Increased Life Expectancy

Positive lifestyle modifications can increase your life expectancy by reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. A healthier lifestyle not only adds years to your life but also adds life to your years.

Healthier Environment

Opting for eco-friendly, non-toxic products and prioritizing clean air and water creates a healthier living environment despite living in the bustling city of For Worth, reducing exposure to harmful toxins. This in turn has positive effects on personal health and contributes to environmental sustainability.

At Finding the Root Cause, we are passionate about guiding and supporting you on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, helping you realize these benefits, and many more. Through tailored functional medicine approaches, we aim to bring about lasting improvements to your overall health and quality of life.

Functional Medicine Approach at Finding the Root Cause

With our unique approach integrating comprehensive diagnostic testing, dietary customization, supplementation planning, and lifestyle management, we aim to transform your health journey.

Each patient’s lifestyle recommendations are incorporated seamlessly into their treatment plans, nurturing an environment of proactive healthcare tailored to their specific needs.

Our approach has enabled us to significantly transform lives, as validated by the numerous testimonials from our patients who have benefited from a truly individual-focused approach to healthcare.

Start Your Journey Today

In your journey towards optimal health, creating a holistic lifestyle that includes mindful nutrition, regular exercise, quality sleep, a toxin-free environment, and a balanced mind-body connection plays a crucial role.

Adopting these lifestyle recommendations can not only aid in managing current health issues but also act as a powerful preventative measure against potential health challenges in the future.

In your pursuit of health brilliance, considering the functional medicine approach can be transformative. Schedule a consultation with Finding the Root Cause today and begin your personalized journey towards optimal health.

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Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult with a healthcare provider before making any changes to your diet, exercise routine, or lifestyle.

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