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Young Woman with Eyeglasses Suffers Eye Fatigue
Functional Medicine

Find Migraine Relief in Fort Worth

Suffering from Fort Worth headaches and migraines?  Find the Root Cause offers natural relief! Ditch the pills & discover lasting solutions with Dr. Staniland, your migraine expert. Schedule a consultation today!

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functional medicine doctor helping a younger patient
Functional Medicine

What is a Functional Medicine Doctor?

Explore the holistic approach to healthcare in Fort Worth, Texas, with Finding the Root Cause, led by Dr. John Staniland. Learn what is a functional medicine doctor and how they differ from traditional primary care physicians by focusing on the underlying causes of chronic health conditions, rather than just treating symptoms. Discover personalized, evidence-based care.

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spirit, mind, and body is what integrative and functional medicine are about
Functional Medicine

What is Integrative and Functional Medicine?

Experience a transformative approach to healthcare through integrative and functional medicine in Fort Worth. Guided by Dr. John Staniland at Finding the Root Cause, this patient-centered methodology combines evidence-based practices and personalized treatment plans to focus not just on symptoms but on the underlying causes of diseases for holistic well-being.

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women exercising outside by running along a path
Functional Medicine

Women’s Health: Role of Functional Family Medicine

Explore the transformative role of functional family medicine in women’s health. Driven by a holistic approach, this practice focuses on root causes, offering comprehensive, gender-sensitive care in areas ranging from menstrual disorders to chronic illness management. Located in Fort Worth, Dr. John Staniland leads in providing personalized treatments that integrate conventional and naturopathic practices.

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